Connecting employers to new graduates.

Engaging Employers

Engaging employers will be key to our success. Business Education Networks:

  • Connect businesses and local chambers of commerce with students, education systems and workforce training programs so workforce needs are clearly and regularly articulated. As a result, these programs are more closely aligned with the changing needs of the economy.
  • Assist employers in accessing and navigating internship, mentorship and on-the-job training programs to meet their distinctive needs.

Pilot Project

In 2016, the MN Chamber chose to kick off the Business Education Networks in partnership with the Winona Area Chamber of Commerce. Winona has 100‐plus manufacturers, many in need of workers. Early efforts there included:

  • “Hot Jobs, Cool Companies,” a manufacturing and jobs outlook directory of every manufacturing and technology company in the Winona area, listing opportunities and required skills. The directory is used by the Winona State University School of Business, Minnesota State College – Southeast Technical and area high schools.
  • Career Exploration Expo, where high school students are introduced to trade and educational paths in all industries where there is a high demand for jobs in the region.
  • Video ad campaign and radio ads featuring career opportunities in manufacturing.

Workforce Preparation

The work of the Business Education continues to grow with current initiatives including:

  • “Hot Jobs, Cool Companies”
  • Career Exploration Expo for 10th grade students
  • Teacher in the Workplace externship which allows local high school teachers to experience the current workforce
  • CEO in the Classroom that brings business leaders into 8th grade classrooms to encourage and support wise education planning
  • Life After High School for high school seniors to prepare for seeking and obtaining a job
  • REACH, our newest initiative, which prepares southeastern high school students for future careers in order to provide an employment ready, skilled workforce for major industry sectors in the greater Winona area.