C.E.O. in the classroom gives business executives the opportunity to engage with 8th grade students, talk with them about their career choices and how decisions in high school will open up future opportunities. This program includes a 45 minute presentation by the business executive that includes interactive conversations, a chance for the presenter to discuss their personal career paths, a look into options after high school, and much more.

This rewarding program is designed to show classroom students that they are in control of their future educational goals through personal choices and further education paths.


The CEO in the Classroom Program has been developed to better prepare our emerging workforce for the global economy. It is designed to start students thinking about the world of work and how the decisions they make now affect their work-life later. Being business driven, the program emphasizes the value of education and how it relates to the world of work, how global competition affects us locally, and the importance of learning soft skills. It delivers a real world look at a household budget and, financially, what it takes to live on your own. This interactive program provides an opportunity for employers and students to learn more about each other in order to nurture a healthy workforce environment.