The Teacher in the Workplace program provides an opportunity for High School teachers from the Winona area to take part in a paid summer industry immersion experience with relevant Winona area companies.

During the immersion, teachers will be exposed to work assignments that provide a meaningful experience based on the teacher’s area of expertise. The immersion will be scheduled by the businesses who will contact the teachers directly. Teachers will earn CEUs through a partnership with Winona State University.


Teachers will gain valuable industry experience that can directly impact teaching and learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.

Teachers will learn about local businesses and will be better prepared to teach students about local workforce needs.

Businesses will gain valuable feedback from experienced teachers who can provide meaningful contributions to the workplace.

Businesses will gain a better understanding of what is being taught in the classroom and to have a direct influence on future curriculum development.

This is a learning experience for all involved. The expectation is that we will operate on a continuous learning and improvement model making immersion more beneficial for both businesses and teachers.