Becoming a partner with the REACH program will help ensure that our next generation of qualified, skilled workers will be prepared to meet the future demands of Winona’s local health & human services and manufacturing needs.

What’s in it for you?

  • An opportunity to showcase your workplace and what jobs/careers are available. Students are typically unaware that there are a variety of career opportunities at any given worksite.
  • Pride of knowing you are exposing students – many of who are at-risk and never thought to graduate, much less go on to higher education or a well-paying career – to interesting companies and career opportunities.
  • A chance for you to grow the talent pipeline and even become an employer of choice.


During the REACH experience, members of the business community are invited to speak and/or provide training to the students in order to supplement or reinforce what they learn at school. Human resource professionals help students revise and update their resumes. Directors of Operation speak with the students about the goods and services they provide as well as the employee culture. Business executives join us for networking events to help students practice professional communications. In order to best prepare our students for local employers, we need those employers to help guide our students in that development. Contact the Program Manager to explore speaking opportunities with REACH.

Supply Materials:

Our REACH classrooms are in need of supplies – those very supplies (surplus, cast off, expired) that you may have laying around your business. Contact the Chamber to arrange donations.

Business Host/Immersions:

A REACH Immersion is a one of a kind experience where students are “immersed” in the work and culture of a local workplace. REACH students have the opportunity to truly experience the potential held within our local business community. Simultaneously, local businesses have the opportunity to demonstrate the broad variety of career paths and skilled positions available in their businesses, with an eye to the future of their workforce. In large part thanks to immersions experiences, REACH students have the opportunity to participate in paid internships and pursue employment following graduation.

Host Expectations:

> Expect immersion teams of 2-3 high school juniors for a 3-hour period.
> Business host will need to prepare a short orientation summary including a procedural outline of rules, regulations, and safety guidelines.
> Immersion experiences should encompass any or all major areas of business operations.
> Business host should plan on highlighting skilled positions that will earn in the $30,000 yr. range, and/or explain career path/potential income growth with education and experience.
> Business host should actively engage students in business greetings throughout the immersion experience (greeting, hand shake, introductions).
> Business hosts are encouraged to document the REACH experience through photography and social media.
> Student transportation to business sites will be provided by REACH.
> Business host will be asked to complete a feedback/evaluation form in order to incorporate ideas and suggestions into continuously improving both REACH students and the overall program.


The purpose of and internship and/or guided work experience is to provide an opportunity for a student to receive the guidance necessary to succeed in their first employment opportunity. During this time, a student will work in a specific area of a business but also explore other career opportunities. In addition, at least one performance review will be performed in the presence of the REACH Program Manager in order to support additional learning through feedback.

Financial Support:

Business Financial Investment Levels
  • $10,000 + Level
    Logo on banner displayed in high school buildings and classrooms entire school year, logo on all REACH promotional materials, logo on REACH website, priority recognition at Chamber and REACH events.

  • $5,000 – $9,999 Level
    Small logo on banner displayed in high school buildings and classrooms entire school year, logo on REACH website, priority recognition at REACH events.

  • $1,000 – 4,999 Level
    Logo on REACH website.

Donations payable to the Winona Chamber Foundation are 100% tax deductible as a charitable contribution